Scam Alert: Fake Kucoin Websites Are Stealing Your Bitcoins

Here at Luv Crypto, we have written a number of stories around scammers trying to trick you. They want your cryptocurrencies. And they will do anything to get it.

Now they are targeting Kucoin, which is a cryptocurrency exchange with a sizeable trading volume. Many fake websites are copying Kucoin’s design and installing a form to grab your login details. Motive is to steal your coins.

One site, for example, is (this is not the official Kucoin website). They cloned the real Kucoin homepage with a sign in button that takes you to a different login page.

After you enter your credentials on this login page, you are then requested to enter the 2FA code. If you do this, you lose your Bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies) in no time.

In fact, this is what happened with one of the Reddit user, who lost close to 2 bitcoins falling for this scam:


It is scary to see how coins, once transfered, cannot be retrieved. All these bitcoins are now sitting in a different wallet. And they are gone forever. No one can do anything about it.

A wakeup call for all of us here.

On a side note, it is always best to double-check the website address before entering your username and password. In fact, manually type the address so the chances of you visiting a phishing website is incredibly rare.

Feel free to report such scams by contacting us.

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