Over 1 Billion USD Transferred To A Crypto Wallet (Worth 94,504 Bitcoins)

Perhaps making money is not easy. But moving money certainly is.

Reason we believe this: Someone just transferred over one billion dollars worth of Bitcoin to a wallet. This is the largest transaction — in terms of USD — ever made. The exact amount is 1,018,147,922 USD.

The total amount of BTC is 94,504. You can see the transaction details here: Link


First reported on Twitter by @Whale_Alert, the transaction has a number of crypto enthusiasts wondering who owns this wallet. While transparency can help us monitor the transaction — the ownership details will remain unknown.

In the year April 2015, 500,000 BTC were transferred. It was equivalent to $100 million at that time.  In comparison, the current amount is 10 times more. To watch a billion dollar transaction happening over the web — just like that —  is truly fascinating.

And we believe there is more to come.

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