I Signed Up With Lunyr As A Writer!

I have found immense joy in writing. Perhaps that is why I am a full-time blogger. It started ten years ago when I was first introduced to WordPress. To know I can write anything I want certainly felt special.

And if I can write around a topic I know about? Then there is some money in it. Though not a lof of folks can commit to it — as it takes blood and sweat to not just write but also to maintain and market your website.

Perhaps this is where Lunyr stands out.

It is, simply put, a knowledge-sharing incentivised platform wherein you can produce and review content easily and quickly. I was one of the lucky few to get an alpha invite to check out the platform.

Here’s What I Found

Lunyr isn’t your typical blogging platform. It is a peer-to-peer decentralized platform with a simple goal: to offer accurate information.

How is it possible?

Through Blockchain. You see, moment you publish on Lunyr, your article is reviewed by another participant. It is then reviewed again. And again. And again.

These reviewers earn contribution points (which can be converted to Lunyr tokens after March 1st, 2018). You will, as a writer, earn contribution points as well.

Think of Lunyr as a WikiPedia. On a blockchain. With rewards system.

No One Is Doing It So Far

There’s a lack of reliable information on the Internet. Perhaps that is why Lunyr plays a vital role. Also, going forward, Lunyr plans to develop a knowledge API.

Any decentralized app can utilize this API to extract reliable information and use it in any real-world scenario. It sounds interesting and the platform is sleek.

In fact, here are a few images I grabbed from the apha version of Lunyr.

As you can see below, this is the Lunyr homepage. Here you can discover topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


When you click a topic — say blockchain — you get a list of articles. So far, we have 10 articles in the blockchain topic.


Here is how an article looks like:



At this point, it may seem like I am showing you a typical blog / website. Lunyr is exactly that. For now. With just an editing option.

I can review any content. Rate it. Leave my comment. And then submit it (need to pay a portion of ETH) to earn contribution points. I can also publish content using the built-in visual editor as shown below:

All in all, Lunyr looks like a promising platform for writers and editors. Articles are pretty freakin’ lenghty though. With lots of references. If you don’t love reading serious and in-depth articles? Lunyr isn’t for you!

I have signed up already, and plan to write a couple of articles very soon. Let’s see if it’s worth it.

From the price perspective, one Lunyr is $30. It will shot up as the beta version will be made public on January 30th, 2018 (source).

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