Mark Cuban: Soon You Can Buy Dallas Mavericks Tickets With Bitcoin

Billionaires have entered the Bitcoin world. And their goal is now simple: to make Bitcoin even more popular. Perhaps Mark Cuban wants to take the lead.

In a recent tweet, when someone asked if Dallas Mavericks tickets can be purchased through Bitcoin, Mark Cuban responded with a tweet: “Next Season.”


It is simple tweet like this that leads to Bitcoin’s mass adoption. We have seen such examples in the past. Tim Draper, an investor, predicted Bitcoin will shot up to $10,000 in the year 2014 when many considered Bitcoin a vaporware.

He was right as Bitcoin is now over $10k.

Even John McAfee predicted Bitcoin will blow up last year. And now he believes Bitcoin is going to hit a million dollar in 2020. And if it doesn’t? He will eat his own d*ck!

All in all, such bullish pattern for Bitcoin is necessary for mass adoption. It is necessary for Bitcoin’s growth. For the cryptocurrencies to survive. And thrive.

And when basketball tickets can be bought through Bitcoin, it offers an opportunity for the newcomers to join the crypto action. Exciting times ahead!

Thanks to @Batman_Cash for tweeting!

Note: On the official website, there is no mention of Bitcoin yet. Right now, all the single game and season tickets can be purchased through net banking / credit / debit cards.

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