Pepo App Is TikTok on Blockchain Designed For The Crypto Community

While TikTok may be the most popular social media app right now, there’s something missing. It doesn’t have a space for cryptocurrency users. Even if it did, we probably have to scroll through endless lip-sync and comedy videos.

This is where Pepo shines.

Pepo is a new crypto-focussed app for cryptocurrency and blockchain users to connect. You can find developers, influencers, and several key people from the blockchain space participating.

The app, in fact, is out of beta with 6000+ transactions.

What really sets it apart?

For one, contributor on Pepo are incentivized through tokens. The app, as they say, has reinvented the like button. Meaning, if you like any video content, contributors (content creator) get paid in the form of tokens.



As a viewer, you won’t be spending your own tokens though. In fact, Pepo offers $5 as a sign up bonus for everyone right now.

Coming to the tech, Pepo is built on the OST protocol and is designed to create a better user experience.


We Have 50 Codes For You

For now, Pepo is an invite-only app. As part of the campaign, they are giving away invites. As we are on the app, you can register using this link to receive $5 worth of tokens.

The tokens, called Pepo Coins, will be in your account almost immediately. You can then share these tokens with the contributors. Do note that Pepo Coins cannot be transferred from one account to the another. You can, however, redeem these tokens for in-app gift purchases (redeem requirement: $10).

Each Pepo Coin’s price is fixed in the smart contract and mirrors the price of $OST token. At the time of writing this article, each OST token is worth $0.12.

Note: You can also download the Pepo app from the Play Store or on iOS (test mode). Then enter the code CH9YRJ to receive $5 worth of tokens.



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