How To Verify Your Qryptos Account To Withdraw Your Funds!

When Qryptos launched last year, it received attention for its negative trading fee. It was something new and refreshing as you get paid for trading. And this attracted several hundreds and thousands of users.

What many didn’t know was the withdrawal process. Taking funds out wasn’t explained until you clicked the “withdrawal” button.

In short: to withdraw your coins, you have to verify your account.

Qryptos Verification Process Isn’t Rocket Science

It is simple.

The process to verify your account requires you to submit your documents. Here are the two documents required:

Document #1: A clear scanned image / PDF of your valid government-issued ID (can be a passport, national ID, or your driver’s license)

Document #2: A clear scanned image / PDF of a recent utility bill or official document that reflects your name and current address. (For this, you can submit your gas / utility bill)

Once you submit, your next step is to wait. Sounds simple, isn’t it?

Well, there’s more.

Qryptos Delays Verification!

When I first tried to verify my account by submitting the documents, it showed “pending verification” for a week:


Such waiting time could be disastrous for someone who wants to trade, or move funds into another exchange to buy other currencies.

I then emailed the support team to see if they can help. They said they will look into it and get back to me within the next 48 hours.

Then I received this email:

We have reviewed the documents you submitted. Unfortunately, we are sorry to inform you that we were unable to approve your account at this time due to reasons explained below.

  • Please kindly re-submit your proof of address document that indicates the date (no older than 3 months.). Thank you.

Please follow the instructions provided above and upload updated documents. We will proceed with the approval process once the new documents have been uploaded.

I am sharing this because there are a lot of complaints about the verification and withdrawal process. It takes longer than expected.

A part of the reason is because your profile is in a queue. And you have to wait for a couple of days to get verified. The other reason, as was the case here, the document I submitted was older than 3 months.

Perhaps that was the reason for the verification delay.

If you are one of those Qryptos acount holder, and your verification is delayed, then drop an email and request them to process your account. It worked for me — and should work for you as well (unless everyone starts emailing the support team).

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