Exclusive: Qtum Announces Partnership With Starbucks

Big news:

Singapore-based Qtum has partnered with Starbucks – one of the world’s largest coffee house chain. In fact, Qtum’s CEO Patrick Dai has confirmed this partnership. And we first spotted it inside the Qtum’s Telegram group.

After the live stream event in Taipei earlier today, Qtum-Mike — admin of Qtum’s Telegram group — acknowledged the partnership with Starbucks. Although not much is known yet, Qtum is going to work with Starbucks Korea division to implement blockchain technology.

Perhaps because Starbucks has been facing issues with rising prices and declining quality of coffee beans. This issue could be addresses by investing in blockchain technology within its current supply chain. As Qtum is designed with stability and interoperability in mind, it makes sense for businesses like Starbucks to adapt and implement this new tech.

The official Qtum Twitter account has not been updated yet. In fact, we have seen this trend before:

Patrick Dai likes to share such announcements through the Telegram group. Then we have Twitter updates and blog posts. Even the earlier partnerships — with Baofeng — was first announced on Telegram.

From the investment perspective, we expect Qtum’s price to moon soon!

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