From Mineral Ores To Automobiles, RCS Global Group Teams Up With IBM Blockchain For Supply Chain Optimization

On the hills of the eastern Congo, you will find something fascinating. On the one hand, you can see dozens of people carrying sack of ores. And on the other, there are government officials adding barcodes to these mineral ores.

Anyone scanning these barcodes will know the details of the ore, the weight, timestamp, and location. In fact, this solution was deviced by RCS Global Group, which has been the leader in sourcing raw materials.

And now, this Berlin-based company is leveraging IBM blockchain to influence “responsible sourcing.”

Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network

RCS Global Group is introducing Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network targeting the supply chain process. The goal is to optimize supply chain for any companies ranging from mining to electronics to automobile manufacturing.

Through its data-driven sourcing, the network will have validated companies that can exchange information over the blockchain. This way, information is shared in a trusted and secure environment. Plus, companies can audit and trace minerals through the supply chain.

In fact, RCS Global Group has begun the implementation in early 2019 at Societe Miniere de Bisunzu’s, which is Congo’s biggest colt miner. Not only are the ores tracked but the smuggled ones are also easily avoided. RCS managing director Ferdinand Maubrey said:

“Blockchain allows purchasers of SMB material to be sure that it actually comes from that mine site and is not smuggled into the supply chain from other mines, as much as possible.”

As the usage increases, several new gaps will be found, and the company aims to solve these problems one step at a time.

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