What Is Rekt In Cryptocurrency?

Getting rekt is a term often used in cryptocurrency forums and groups. Perhaps you have seen Redditors / 4chaners saying ” you got rekt.” Or you saw some dude in a Telegram group getting rekt.

What does it mean?

It’s simple:

Rekt is a different way of saying wrecked. It was used by online gamers to indicate the opponent’s defeat or embarassment. (source)

In the crypto world, rekt means something similar. Here, you get rekt if:

  • You buy a cryptocurrency for a higher price and immediately it crashes. You are getting rekt.

Say, for example, you bought bitcoin for $19000. Moment you do, the price dips further and further. In this case, you got rekt.

Here are a popular rekt meme used on 4chan:



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