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For some, crypto means scam. And to destroy this assumption, we have Created by Alan Reed, who is the founder of Adstxt and Tradinghours, this new initiative shows the list of Bitcoin wallet addresses used by hackers and criminals.

Plus, one can also file a report on any malicious Bitcoin address. Whether it is an address used for ransomware, blackmail, to steal tokens, or to scam people — you can share it on the website and it will be reviewed in the backend.

For example: At the time of writing this article, received 179 reports in a day and over 5000 reports in a week. You can view the reports (basically a bunch of Bitcoin addresses) here:


The addresses are updated in real-time. If there is any address from which the Bitcoins are transferred, then you will be notified (requires registration).

Looking into this, @Whale_Alert — which tracks large crypto transactions — recently partnered with Bitcoin Abuse. This way, the word spreads and more malicious addresses can be added to the database.


Overall, as the industry is maturing, we are witnessing a considerable change in the number of hacks and scams. With tools like Bitcoin Abuse, we hope the cryptocurrency slates will be cleaner than before.

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