In the month of February this year, KuCoin updated its system adding a layer of security to it. This security has created several problems.


These security questions are important — and their answers even more. Why? Because if you don’t know the answers, you cannot withdraw your cryptocurrencies. You can’t transfer funds to a wallet or exchange.

Basically, you are stuck.

The worst part? Thousands of users don’t remember the answers to their questions. There is always an “incorrect answer” error.


And if you try submitting your answer more than five times, and it is wrong, then you will be locked out of answering for the next 120 minutes.

Resetting Security Questions Is The Answer

There is no other way to bypass the security questions. You have to reset it. Or get rid of it. And the way it works is simple:

You can withdraw — and unlock your account for withdrawal — by proving to KuCoin that you are the account holder. For this, you have to verify your account and submit a couple of documents.

Use this form to submit your request to the KuCoin team.

Here, you will be sharing your email address, your KuCoin account registration date (approxiate), your trade history along with the details of your issue.

You will also be sharing the photo of the front and back of any document (ID / passport / driver’s license) and a selfie with the ID.

Once you do that, you will receive an email like this:


You may recieve a different email. For the time being, this is what is sent out. You have to answer what you know – and if it is close enough, then you will be able to withdraw.

You don’t have to answer all three questions correctly. Even one will do.

But it is a security risk — as you are sharing your answers with a KuCoin employee you don’t know. That, however, is the only way to do it.

As the security questions cannot be disabled, they will reset it for you. And then you can type the answers again — to withdraw funds.

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