SAP’s 200 Million Euros Berlin Office To Focus On AI, Machine Learning, And Blockchain

Over 1200 employees will enjoy SAP’s new office in Berlin. They will walk around the luscious garden, while sipping coffee, as they overlook the 30,000 square meters space. This lively space is launching before 2022.

Located in Quartier Heidestrasse, which offers a trendy environement to work, the new office will focus on key tech innovations. This includes working on artifical intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

As published on the SAP website, with this new location, the German software giant wants to strengthen these 3 technology areas. The 200 million euros investment will help the company move forward in the right direction.

Speaking about this move, governing mayor of Berlin Michael Mueller said:

“SAP has played a key role in shaping Berlin’s transformation since reunification and its development into the digital capital in recent years, and has grown continuously here. The decision to develop a joint campus at Quartier Heidestrasse is fantastic news for its employees in Berlin and the city as a whole.”

“It is also a strong signal for Berlin as a city of science and research. I am very happy about the new center of digital economy in the heart of the city and wish SAP all the best for the project.”

SAP has been offering blockchain solutions in the form of baas (Blockchain-as-a-service), a layer that allows you to deploy your blockchain components over the cloud. With this new office space, and thousands of people working, the company aims to build a digital hub that continues to innovate for years to come.

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