How Tachain Hired An Actor, Labelled Him As CEO, And Stopped Product Development

With over 17000 followers on Twitter and 51000 members on Telegram, TaChain has chosen to remain silent for a number of weeks. You don’t see any product or development updates. And roadmap plans are just plans.

Followers of Tachain are questioning its existence. In fact, one of the senior member on Bitcointalk researched the legitimacy of the project and its CEO.

Turns out, Tachain is a fake project with a fake CEO.

The Details We Have Right Now

With the goal to disrupt the travel and entertainment industry, Tachain started in the year 2018 (June) and was registered in the UK.

Then, on the website, the company revealed its team member. The CEO was named Demetrius Vallas (Ezaus). This CEO is, in fact, an actor the company hired. Tachain hired Russian actor (Dmitry De Mitro) from a video production company and declared him as the CEO on the website.

Here is the website:


Here is the actor in an YouTube video (link):


Upon further investigation, we found the actor Dmitry de Mitro is identified as Dmitry Ezau on Facebook. Living in Riga (the capital of Latvia), we checked his feed and found no connection to Tachain.

Is Tachain Dead?

  • The website no longer exists:
  • On Github, there has been no activity this year (link).
  • The Twitter account @Tachainio is reposting articles from last year.
  • The Telegram channel (link) is following the same pattern. No product updates.
  • As per the company’s roadmap, Tachain was supposed to launch TMARQ this quarter. It hasn’t happened yet.
  • On LinkedIn, you don’t see any employees working from UK (where the company is actually registered).

We have requested a response from the Russian actor to clarify his role, and we will continue updating this post.

However, looking at the Bitcointalk forum, the responses on social media, and the overall product development? It is safe to say Tachain is another strategically designed vaporware.

Update #1: Another team member of Tachain (Marcus Grabmuller) is working on a different project called XtraBytes. Previously, he also worked with (which no longer exists).


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