Telcoin Partners With Nigeria’s Paga To Make Money Transfer Easier Than Ever

To be able to send money instantly, at a low cost, has always been a challenge. And today, Singapore-based Telcoin is fighting this challenge by announcing its partnership with Paga, which is a leading mobile payment solution in Nigeria.

The announcement came in the form of a video, showing Paga’s involvement in Nigeria to make money transfer, shopping, and paying bills easier.

Fast, Cheap, And Secure Remittances

With this partnership, Telcoin aims to add value to the existing suite of digital financial services offered by Paga. This way, in the near future, payments are faster, cheaper, and secure over blockchain.

The implementation of remittance will begin with the Nigerian citizens. Even though the exact offerings are unknown, we believe this move aligns with Telcoin’s mission: to work with mobile operators for blockchain-based money transfer. 

In fact, partnering with Paga widens the oppurtunity for Telcoin to penetrate the market. As stated by Tayo Oviosu, the founder and CEO of Paga, over $5.4 billion transaction took place through Paga since 2012.

With over 800 merchants connected with Paga for payments, and more offline and online merchants accepting mobile payments, this is just a start for Paga. And even Telcoin.

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