Why Telegram X Is Better That The Normal Telegram App

It took me months to download the Telegram Messenger app on my smartphone. At first, I was like: “Ugh, another WhatsApp?”

But I signed up anyway. It was to get signals through traders. If you didn’t know, through Telegram, you can easily find trading signal groups – in which they will tell you when to buy and when to sell your cryptocurrencies.

Then, as ICOs went popular, we saw Telegram channels for every cryptocurrency. Today, in fact, Telegram channels and groups are the best source to collect all the latest updates around a cryptocurrency / blockchain project.

There Are Two Telegram Apps

One is Telegram. And the other is Telegram X.

Both have its advantages. I signed up on both. First, it started with the Telegram Messenger app on the iPhone (link) and Android (link).

And then I installed Telegram X – which is also available for both iPhone (link) and Android (link).

And in this article, I want to tell you what’s the difference between the two. In fact, we start with Telegram X and see how it is different from the normal Telegram app.

Here’s What Telegram X Offers
1. New Code: 

On the surface level, Telegram and Telegram X looks the same. However, the code is different. As per the blog, Telegram X was created from the scratch with a new code base.

So, even though it looks the same, the code base isn’t.

Perhaps that is why Telegram X is considered an upgrade over the other. Moment you open Telegram X, this message appears: “The world’s fastest messaging app.”


Must say, X is incredibly fast.

2. New Sidebar Options

Like the other Telegram app, X is free and secure. It is only when you login, you will notice something new. As you can see below, inside the Telegram X, the sidebar has very fewer options.


Compare this to the Telegram app, in which you have options like “New Secret Chat” – “New Channel” and and so on.


3. Chat Bubbles

Telegram X allows you to switch between bubble mode and flat mode. As you can see below, the bubble mode takes up more space while chatting compared to the flat mode.

This option is only available in the X app.


You can always go to the Settings, then select if you want Bubbles in Chats or Channels by ticking the box. You can also set a colored theme.


4. Separate calling tab:

Telegram X has a Chats tab and a Calls tab. In the Calls tab, you can see the history of your calls – and make voice / video calls instantly. This option is also available in the normal Telegram app though the call button is sandwiched in the sidebar menu.


5. No File Size Limit

In Telegram X, you can transfer files to your contacts. You can transfer more than a GB worth of file at no cost.

Perhaps this is one of the best feature of Telegram X – as there is no file size limit, and you can upload / download files of any size. Unlimited number of files can be transferred.

Very few know and use this feature.

6. Data Saver / Stickers / Markdown

Telegram X saves your 3G + 4G data if you enable the Data Saver option through the Settings. You can also add and use new stickers.

Plus, if you want to make your text stand out, use markdown. Set **bold**, _italic_, ‘code’ and [text](url) easily by typing it in the text field.

Which One Is Better

Given the number of benefits posted above, it looks like Telegram X is better. But that may not be the case.

Telegram X is still experimental, and although it looks stable, it isn’t. There are many 1 star reviews on Android and iOS platform. Some claim the faster animation slows down the iPhone / iPad, and it isn’t smooth at all.

From my testing, I haven’t noticed any lag or sluggishness on the Android version. In fact, after a month of using both the apps, I had to delete the normal Telegram Messenger, and chose to use X.

Why? Perhaps because I like it. And hey, both are free – they sync your data – and keeps your messages secure. So you can try both and see what’s best for you.

For now, Telegram X stands victorious.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below if you have used both the apps, and why you prefer one over the other.

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