Twitcoin (Twitter Token) Is Not Coming, Says Jack Dorsey

As Facebook is working on Libra, there were rumours about Twitter’s upcoming cryptocurrency. Labelled Twitcoin, this token won’t be here anytime soon. In fact, Twitter’s founder — Jack Dorsey — has confirmed the company won’t be releasing the rumoured token.

Talking to The Sydney Morning, Jack not only declared Twitcoin’s absence but also confirmed several important facts:

  • Jack believes in Bitcoin. Despite being tested a bunch of times, Bitcoin has been here for 10 years and it will only continue to dominate.
  • Jack doesn’t believe in creating another Libra-esque currency for Twitter. Rather, once again, he believes in Bitcoin for open standards.
  • Jack also claimed Bitcoin as an investment asset and believes it is equivalent to gold. [Source]

You will also find it interesting to know that Jack’s another company which helps businesses grow ( has been benefitting from Bitcoin.

In another news, someone has already built Twitcoin. Right now, it is just a tipping bot designed to tip users on Twitter and there is no blockchain associated with it.

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