US Department of Health and Human Services Becomes The First Federal Authority to Adopt Blockchain

Not just private companies. Even the government is chasing blockchain.

In fact, the US Department of Health and Human Services ( has announced the launch of its new blockchain-based procurement portal Accelerate. With this, they have become the first federal Government authority to adopt blockchain.

Details about the portal were revealed by Oki Mek, the CTO of HHS Acquisition Division, and Todd Simpson, the CPO of HHS, in a TV interview with Government Matters. According to them, the goal of this portal is to increase the security in the procurement of various items at HHS. By putting transaction logs over a blockchain, HHS wants to create an ecosystem in which information about every transaction is available whenever needed, Oki said.

Oki’s words were echoed by Todd as well. Commenting about the new portal he said:

“What blockchain gives Accelerate is an immutable database, a system of record that we can trust. When we are dealing with information from potentially untrusted sources, it is very important.”

HHS is not only the first authority in US government to adopt but also implement blockchain. According to information provided by HHS CIO Jose Arrieta at NextGov Emerging Tech Summit, HHS also hopes to test the portal this fall and make it fully operational by early 2020.

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