Now Pay Pornhub, Brazzers, And Nutaka Using Verge (With A Catch)

Here’s a big news for all the Verge holders: 

Starting today, anyone can use Verge cryptocurrency as a payment option on Pornhub, Brazzers, and Nutaka.

Verge, on Twitter, has officially confirmed it.

What does it mean to you?

It means you can now pay without a credit / debit card to watch those HD videos. You do not have to disclose your details. Your name – your address – and your profile will remain anonymous.

Plus, no one will know where your money goes:

You buy verge, transfer it to an address, and then enjoy your porn membership – if that’s what you are into.

It works because Verge is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency. It uses multiple anonymity-centric networks such as TOR and I2P for a seamless anonymous transaction.

And the fact that it has parterned with one of the largest pornography site on the Internet is something we never saw it coming. In fact:

Porn Sites Get More Traffic…

Than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined. It could mean several things. First, Verge (XVG) holders can see a change in price. If not right now, perhaps in the near future.

And second, this collaboration will potentially impact the entire cryptocurrency industry. Very soon we will see other sites accepting cryptocurrencies. It is partnership like this that moves the market in a certain direction.

And from what we have gathered, Verge with Pornhub is the largest cryptocurrency collaboration so far – when the social media and followers reach is concerned.

What’s The Catch

There is a catch when you pay with cryptocurrency though. It is simply this: no more free week with the membership.


For example, Pornhub’s monthly pay is $9.99, and if you pay through your credit / debit card – you will receive a free week.

Not when you use Verge.

Perhaps because credit / debit cards are trackable. Suppose you use a card to start your premium membership, and you get a free week, and then you can’t cancel your membership and rejoin later hoping for another free week.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, your transaction is anonymous. They can never track your details. So I guess it is fair for Pornhub (and its sister sites) to remove this “free week” option.

Overall, A Good News!

It goes without saying that news and partnership like these have been rare in the recent times. And this partnership presents a significant oppurtunity for investors and traders.

So far, it is a good news, and something we believe that will impact major market players to get involved into cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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