Didn’t Receive KuCoin Referral Bonus? Just Wait!

KuCoin exchange re-opened its referral programme last week, and it invited a lot of attention as there are no drawbacks.

But there was a catch:

The earlier KuCoin referral bonus haven’t been credited yet.

For example: If I referred you using my KuCoin referral code, and you signed up and started trading, then I wouldn’t get any rewards.

Several users have reported this issue, and KuCoin remained silent until now.

In fact, KuCoin responded to this issue recently. In one of the Reddit thread, one of the KuCoin employee said:

You will automatically receive the referral bonus backlogs and improvements will be made to prevent this unnecessary delay in the future. Also, the rewards (trading competions, twitter promotions, etc.) will be distributed in the following weeks.

In short: If you haven’t received your KuCoin referral bonus yet, and you feel KuCoin may be cheating you — and the system — then consider waiting for sometime.

Your bonuses will be credited automatically to your account very soon. That’s your only option for now.

If you have already signed up with KuCoin, and don’t know about the referral program, then look into your account (link here) to find the referral code.

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