Have You Checked The Bitcoin Wallet of Winklevoss Twins?

When Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss turned their 11 million dollar into a billion through Bitcoin in 4 years, they were known as the first Bitcoin billionaires.

On a deeper level, it teaches you something about investment. It teaches you to spot an opportunity. They saw it early, and got in. In fact, even now the brothers are buying and selling Bitcoins.

How do we know? Well, as the transactions are transparent in blockchain, you can look into their Bitcoin wallet address. Here is what is happening:bitcoin-wallet-winklevoss.png

The blue line represents the number of Bitcoins purchased by the duo. Red line signifies the value of Bitcoin in USD. This data comes from Bitinfocharts that takes every transaction into account to display the graph above.

To put it simple, as of today, Winklevoss brothers are worth 1.5 billion dollars as they are holding a total of 172000+ bitcoins. In the last couple of months, they have purchased more bitcoins than they have sold:

In the month of July, 2017: Purchased 20000 BTC
From July to Dec 29th, 2017: Purchased 69000 BTC
On Dec 30th / 31st, 2017: Purchased 60000 BTC
On Feb 2nd, 2018: Sold 6000 BTC

What are your thoughts on this? Even if the twins cash out and split, each will sit at around 750 million dollars. Not bad, right?

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